In this Blog, I listed some Informative Content and Tools that talks about software testing life cycle that keeps you connected with an software industry.

You might be thinking ‘I have already been very much busy in my work schedule, So why should I follow a blog about software testing life cycle?’

In the own interest of mine, I have deliberated numerous types of Software Testing and adopted few steps and tools to sort out bugs and to maintain bug report in web application as well as mobile application to follow about the software testing life cycle. So below these are few things and steps to be taken to continue.

By continuing next will be discussing more relevent to an Testing team, Testing process and how it will be usefull in our regular basis.

Software Testing as applied to Team/structure

I look at testing team ability in terms of leadrership, Durability and testing culture. A matured testing leadership would assure that Quality Assurance team is responsible for the change in the cloud based ecosystem server in which it operates and reconsile itself to sustain and succeed. A cultured testing leadership brings all the changes in team as required and develop collobarative partnerships with developers, project managers, product managers, stakeholders and patrons.An advanced testing leadership would hold its principles and policies as something cast in development. A real test of scope of testing team is when patron Inquire very existence of testing as a service that a given team can provide. Most of the autonomous testing team have faced this evaluation. And a wised testing leadership should be more than willfull to break the corporate structure of test team and will be ready to morphed into any other emerging structure of the organization – that’s called an act of self-sacrifce. Call your testing leadership as perfect if it can able to dissolve itself for the larger interest of testing functionality.

Below are some Tools to use for the Automation software Testing.

JIRA testing Software

JIRA Software is a Tool for new testers alike. Tool mainlyfocuses on sharing tricks with the software testers to enhance their testing skills. Jira Tool covers automative computerization, cloud server security testing, critical or demanding thinking capability, how to use, Testing tutorials and software testing techniques. Besides, Have also published few references to the tool. If you visit, you will be surprised to see that, Have covered testing of general appliances too. This gives an idea of how it is forcing your mind to think in diferent dimensions. If you want to become a skilled tester, a QA expert then, JIRA is a must follow for you.


ReQtest is a multifunctinal testing tool which it updates regularly for Testing professionals, Test or QA managers and software project managers. It has a clean, Well-organized consistent user interface which provide you a smoother user experience. This Tool enveloped with various categories related to software testing life cycle. These categories include agile software testing and development, requirements, tutorials and a few others. The tool is full of detailed information which is usefull for the professional IT testers to make certain decisions for their projects work fow. If you are responsible for making certain decisions in your project, ReQtest is the right Tool for you to follow on regular basis. You could subscribe to make sure that you never miss an important Tool.


In this article, we’ve discussed few aspects that highlight the importance of a Software Testing and some Tools to follow on your regular basis. I’ll be enlisting in future the best blog about “How to write the Efective bug report as a software Tester” to follow about the software testing lifecycle in our website. I hope this was helpful, Thank You.

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