How to choose the right SEO company for your business?

Benefits of SEO friendly website

As a content creator or a website creator, we are used to creating SEO friendly content. And for that we need top seo company in Bangalore. Some digital marketing agency in Bangalore are quite familiar with this term while others are still struggling to get their vocab right. When we speak about SEO friendly website, various top seo company in Bangalore comes to our mind. We obviously want that our website should gain traffic and should come under the top most searches when browsing online. This work is done by SEO Company in Bangalore. They will provide you with the best website content under affordable rates. This is created by keeping in mind the search engine optimization practices and needs. When you adhere to the basic and simple rules by hiring any digital marketing agency in Bangalore, you work of creating an SEO friendly website, will become easier than ever.

In this day and age, SEO has become the key in the reachability of a website. It is responsible for boosting your site ranking in search engine lists. It is impossible to sustain a business without a successful website and more importantly without effective SEO. If you haven’t hired a SEO company in Bangalore yet, it is time to hire one and get an SEO friendly website created.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable SEO Company

To help tight your hunt, utilize the five hints underneath to enable you to discover an accomplice directly for your business with any reputed SEO company in Bangalore.


So as to locate the correct group for the activity, you first need to make sense of which zones of your online nearness you need to improve. You may require an entirely different site or you may simply require SEO company in Bangalore. In the event that you don’t know which zones you have to improve, at that point complete an advanced showcasing examination. A decent Digital marketing agency in Bangalore will have the information expected to demonstrate which zones are most valuable to concentrate on.


To locate the best answers for your one of a kind business, you will need to utilize the best SEO company in Bangalore that can track and quantify the majority of your organization information. This incorporates telephone calls, contact structures, site visits, navigate rates, and then some. To pick the correct business techniques for your organization like any Best digital marketing companies in Bangalore, it’s critical to settle on choices dependent on results and not gut impulses.


Regardless of the fact that you really do not need a consultation with the Digital marketing agency in Bangalore; draw up some examination/consultation with the company. An interview will enable you to figure out the kind of individuals in their group of any SEO company in Bangalore and their degree of energy and imagination.

Talk with the Best digital marketing companies in Bangalore. Utilize this as a chance to perceive how well you interface. This is your opportunity to pose them explicit inquiries!


Before you get put resources into an administration you can’t manage, remember to plan out your spending limit early. Best digital marketing companies in Bangalore will have an assortment of month to month bundles to look over, which should make your life simpler. When it comes time to picking Digital marketing agency in Bangalore, allude back to your unique objective to see which bundle will get you to your objective.

How do Blogs help in SEO rankings

Blogging helps support SEO quality and other digital marketing solutions by situating your site as a significant solution to your clients’ inquiries. Blog entries by the best content marketing companies explicitly utilize an assortment of on-page SEO strategies. This can give you more chances to rank in web indexes and get clients to visit your website.

Content marketing agencyis unbelievably significant for advertisers. When you upgrade your site pages – including your blog entries – you’re making your site increasingly noticeable to individuals who are entering watchwords related with your item or administration by means of web indexes like Google. This work is done by various content marketing agencies in India.

What are the best marketing strategies?

Here are some tips and tricks to get the best marketing strategies:

How would you realize what is important and what doesn’t? What are the presentblog positioning strategies, and what’s considered “outdated”? How on Earth would you be able to keep everything straight? You would really wonder that does blogging help in SEO ranking. Or is it just a formality to some content marketing agency for the sake of marketing?

For pretty much any inquiry or need you have, you realize Google is there. For some individuals, the uncontrollably mainstream web crawler is their first stop when attempting to search for content marketing agencies in India.

That implies that regardless of what sort of content marketing agency you have hired, you need it to appear in the web index. Furthermore, that is hard.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to improve your odds of positioning high in theweb crawlers is to begin a blog. These are the digital marketing solutions who rectify what your need is.

Blogging keeps your site new and current

If you ever chance upon content marketing agency that you understand hasn’t been refreshed in years, you most likely promptly lose some trust in the data you’re seeing. The best marketing strategies speaks volumes for better business totally or the site could be giving data that has been totally exposed or changed since that last update by an Content marketing agency.

Google wouldn’t like to convey its searchers obsolete data. Digital marketing solutions that are consistently refreshed sign to them that the site is alive and offering crisp substance. It likewise gives the internet searcher calculations more motivation to record your site all the more frequently, keeping it more on their radar after some time.

You’re presumably not going to have motivation to refresh your landing page much of the time (and it wouldn’t really be a decent business move to do as such), so a blog is an increasingly down to earth instrument for adding new substance to your site all the time by various digital marketing solutions.

A blog keeps individuals on your site for more

Content marketing agencies in India are furnishing the individuals performing look with the data they’re searching for, so they’ll hold returning to utilize Google once more. On the off chance that somebody who does a pursuit taps on the main connection, at that point thinks that its unhelpful and quickly leaves to return to the hunt page – that reveals to Google that the primary outcome wasn’t as useful as they suspected. Then again, when somebody taps on an outcome and remains on the site for some time, that sign to Google that this site is in reality supportive.

Blogging causes you target long-tail keywords

Many individuals begin doing SEO needing to go for the most important catchphrases for your business. For this you obviously need the help of a content marketing agency.

Website design enhancement is extremely aggressive. And this is what the best content marketing companies for most brands is to search for.

These are called long-tail keywords and they’re critical for any SEO technique – half of all looks are for terms that are four words or more. In any case, they can be cumbersome to attempt to fit into your item pages. Nonetheless, they’re the ideal sort of terms to focus in a blog entry. A store that sells outdoors apparatus can utilize their blog entries to give data on terms like “best outdoors gear for chilly climate” or “what do you need when you go vehicle outdoors?”

These inquiries don’t draw in as much traffic as “outdoors gear” does, yet they originate from individuals obviously in your intended interest group of campers and, in the event that you can make it onto page one, you’ll get far more traffic from these subjects than you would on page five or ten for more extensive progressively mainstream terms.

Grow your business with Social Media

Introduction –

Still not convinced about the intensity of web based life and various social media marketing companies? Thinking about what the advantage is for your independent company? Within excess of 2 billion overall clients, your clients are as of now there. Thus it is the responsibility of all these social media marketing companies in Bangalore to make sure that they give the best to their clients. That makes online life a significant piece of your image’s showcasing procedure.

In any case, while you ought to take help of social media marketing companies and thus realizing from where to start. This alone itself is quite a tough task to choose the best social media marketing companies for your business promotion.

And hence, we’ll help you investigate different ways you can begin utilizing internet based life to extend and develop your business via help of social media marketing companies in Bangalore.

That reality is fascinating to me, as a cutting edge entrepreneur. Never scrutinizethe benefits of social media marketing companies. These are the only companies that will come to your resort while you think about promoting or expanding your business.

There are plenty of tips and formulas given by the social media marketing companies in Bangalore so that each and every client can get their help.

1. Increment Leads

As per Social Media Examiner’s 2017 report, social media marketing agency in Bangalore are independent companies that deal in networking media to expand leads for their clients. This way, by hiring them, you can increase your leads and sales. So how might you utilize social media marketing agency in Bangalore to conquer that obstruction and improve the nature of leads for your independent venture?

2. Seek Their Help

An extraordinary spot to begin is by advancing gated content via web-based networking media. For this, you need content that is good with the interests of your devotees. For this you should look out for companies related to social media marketing in Bangalore.

3. Improve Search Engine Ranking

There’s a great deal of discussion around this theme. However the reality is this -online life can (and will) improve your internet searcher positioning. But how? The companies which are involved in social media marketing in Bangalore are space experts. They will increase traffic for your site. This prompts an improved internet searcher positioning of your pages. Be that as it may, it’s something other than that. Numerous buyers visit your web based life profiles before making a beeline for your site to show signs of improvement comprehension of your image before they make a buy.

More visits to your profilesdone by social media marketing agency in Bangalore will support your web-based social networking page positioning. This will also improve their odds of showing up among the top positioned pages.

4. Drive Traffic

By and large, social media marketing agency in Bangalore utilizes online life with an objective to build traffic to a site.

If you don’t have any access to web-based networking media, you’re missing out on naturally produced traffic. You have to extend your image reach on the off chance that you need to drive more traffic.

5. Make A Profile

To begin with, make a profile for your independent venture on each pertinent web based life stage. At that point, influence these stages by sharing redid substance to every one of them.

Make sure that you make it easy for masses to impart your substance to social sharing catches noticeably showed on your site.

6. Watch out for Competitors

This may sound abnormal, yet social media marketing agency in Bangalore is an extraordinary method to watch out for your competitors. It offers you the chance to screen and draw motivation from their presentation. You can perceive what kind of substance they’re posting, and how they’re connecting with their devotees.


Gain proficiency with their systems, however ensure you don’t simply duplicate and tail them. What works best for them isn’t in every case best for you. Rather, change their thoughts and make them your own.Content

Digital Marketing tips for every Startup

What Is Digital Marketing?

It’s an incredible accomplishment to have the option to dispatch your very own startup. Stiff competition is there in the business world. You need to think out of the box and beyond practical boundaries. This is why digital marketing strategy for startups are required. It isn’t easy to cope up with this cut-throat competition. Hence, you need the support of a digital marketing agency for startups. They provide mixed assets, thoughts, and their activity intends to make your early stage.

There are a hardened challenge in advancing your startup inside the business. A digital marketing agency for startups will create a digital marketing strategy for startups for promoting messages that discover their way into the inboxes of your potential customers. Regardless of the fact that you’re assembling and hiring digital marketing services for startups without any preparation or in case you’re further developed than that.

One of the most reasonable approaches to advertise your startup is by hiring and utilizing the resources given by digital marketing companies for startups. These are easy to deal with, give viable advancement, simple to work, and client support open doors for new companies. You can visualize an inbound advertising methodology and whether these digital marketing companies for startups incorporate a development hacking process or not. In any case, remember specific things when dealing with the advancement of your startup through digital marketing agency for startups:

Computerized advertising and social media marketing strategy for startups is an incredible asset, can contribute intensely to your online nearness, and decidedly sway your main concern.

What’s more, one of the best approaches to make a solid means is by utilizing social media marketing strategy for startups for your advertising needs.

Here are some basic online marketing strategies for startups for new businesses:

1. Client experience

Your crowd is what makes a difference. Your crowd must have the option to draw in with your image name, your qualities, and your item, to assemble an enduring relationship and relationship with your digital marketing companies for startups.

Additionally, the group of spectators is presently increasingly intelligent and responsive when brands offer them special client experience and brand esteem. Your advanced showcasing methodologies must be planned cautiously. Engage the group of spectators of your market by utilising resources given by the digital marketing agency for startups. Dive into research and discover what works for your group of spectators.

Assemble their advantage and information by furnishing them with a substance that advises and motivates. You will likewise have the option to reinforce the brand voice by consistently captivating with your group of spectators.

2. Build Up FAQ’s For Better Interaction

For instance, build up a progression of straightforward FAQs and use them to react to your group of spectators and customers’ inquiries via online marketing strategies for startups.

3. Innovative Content

Connect with your crowd with better planning and resources. Put your best foot forward. Take the help of a digital marketing agency for startups. Make content that is one of a kind and crisp as it can have a solid effect o your objective market.

From imparting your image’s message to drawing in your clients with data, content is preeminent as it gives something helpful to your potential clients via online marketing strategies for startups.

Your group of spectators will be bound to pursue a connection got in Facebook Messenger than they would through email promoting the effort. Once more, the substance you make and the medium you utilize will extraordinarily influence your business’ development. Become familiar with Facebook Messenger bots here.

4. Start Right

Characterize various promoting techniques by the help of digital marketing services for startups. For this situation, start with the potential implies that could bereasonable for you. In case regardless you’re befuddled on the most proficient method to pick the correct channel for you, you need every choice to procure certified advanced advertising by digital marketing agency for startups that will doeach examination vital for online business showcasing and make a technique that is appropriate for your business.

5. Online Presence

Online nearness turned out to be more significant and confounded than any other time in recent memory. Besides that, you should make a blog, a Twitter account, a dynamic Facebook account, etc.

Conclusion –

Make a well-structured site with captivating plans just as significant pictures so it shows up rapidly with the inquiries. This is only the nuts and bolts of an extraordinary computerized show casing effort by digital marketing companies for startups.

Simple Tricks To An Efective SOFTWARE TESTING Strategy

In this Blog, I listed some Informative Content and Tools that talks about software testing life cycle that keeps you connected with an software industry.

You might be thinking ‘I have already been very much busy in my work schedule, So why should I follow a blog about software testing life cycle?’

In the own interest of mine, I have deliberated numerous types of Software Testing and adopted few steps and tools to sort out bugs and to maintain bug report in web application as well as mobile application to follow about the software testing life cycle. So below these are few things and steps to be taken to continue.

By continuing next will be discussing more relevent to an Testing team, Testing process and how it will be usefull in our regular basis.

Software Testing as applied to Team/structure

I look at testing team ability in terms of leadrership, Durability and testing culture. A matured testing leadership would assure that Quality Assurance team is responsible for the change in the cloud based ecosystem server in which it operates and reconsile itself to sustain and succeed. A cultured testing leadership brings all the changes in team as required and develop collobarative partnerships with developers, project managers, product managers, stakeholders and patrons.An advanced testing leadership would hold its principles and policies as something cast in development. A real test of scope of testing team is when patron Inquire very existence of testing as a service that a given team can provide. Most of the autonomous testing team have faced this evaluation. And a wised testing leadership should be more than willfull to break the corporate structure of test team and will be ready to morphed into any other emerging structure of the organization – that’s called an act of self-sacrifce. Call your testing leadership as perfect if it can able to dissolve itself for the larger interest of testing functionality.

Below are some Tools to use for the Automation software Testing.

JIRA testing Software

JIRA Software is a Tool for new testers alike. Tool mainlyfocuses on sharing tricks with the software testers to enhance their testing skills. Jira Tool covers automative computerization, cloud server security testing, critical or demanding thinking capability, how to use, Testing tutorials and software testing techniques. Besides, Have also published few references to the tool. If you visit, you will be surprised to see that, Have covered testing of general appliances too. This gives an idea of how it is forcing your mind to think in diferent dimensions. If you want to become a skilled tester, a QA expert then, JIRA is a must follow for you.


ReQtest is a multifunctinal testing tool which it updates regularly for Testing professionals, Test or QA managers and software project managers. It has a clean, Well-organized consistent user interface which provide you a smoother user experience. This Tool enveloped with various categories related to software testing life cycle. These categories include agile software testing and development, requirements, tutorials and a few others. The tool is full of detailed information which is usefull for the professional IT testers to make certain decisions for their projects work fow. If you are responsible for making certain decisions in your project, ReQtest is the right Tool for you to follow on regular basis. You could subscribe to make sure that you never miss an important Tool.


In this article, we’ve discussed few aspects that highlight the importance of a Software Testing and some Tools to follow on your regular basis. I’ll be enlisting in future the best blog about “How to write the Efective bug report as a software Tester” to follow about the software testing lifecycle in our website. I hope this was helpful, Thank You.

Build an informative chatbot using Google’s Dialogflow

  • Why Chatbots?
  • Getting Started
  • Intents, Entities and Contexts
  • Trying out the default bot
  • Building your first bot
  • Testing the bot on Demo UI

Why Chatbots?

Dialogflow is an all-in-one tool for building chatbots which can be deployed on multiple messaging platforms such as Actions on Google (Google Assistant), Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Slack, WhatsApp and more. Building a natural language conversational tool isn’t easy but with the help of Dialogflow and Google’s Natural Processing Engine, it seems like the future is here. It is also highly scalable as it runs on the Google Cloud Platform. It uses machine learning to understand the context of the conversation and helps you find meaningful insights from a user’s conversation. Learn more about how useful it is and how companies are using it here (

Building a chat bot can gives new ways for users to interact with your apps through text and voice. In a recent study conducted by Nielson Incorporated, users are more likely to interact more with a chatbot than a real human being. Also, many enterprises have reported that their customer satisfaction both in terms of information collection and customer support have increased by 200% by incorporating a chatbot into their platform.

Getting Started

On the landing page of Dialogflow, click on Go to Consoleand Sign Up/Sign In with your Google Account. You should be logged in after this.

Now you should see the main menu of DIalogflow. Click the small arrow to the right and create

a new Agent. An agent is basically everything related to your chatbot including the chatbot itself. Click on Create a new Agent and give your agent a relevant name. Also, select your language and location. Dialogflow also offers location based, region specific languages support. You can learn more about it on their site. Select existing Google Cloud project or create a new one. If you are new to Google Cloud, a project is just a common name given to all the services which your app or organization uses on Google Cloud Platform. Click on Create once you are done with this. You’ll now be redirect your agent page.

Intents, Entities and Contexts

An intent is an action that is invoked when a predefined conversation is started. For example, let’s say we have an intent saying “Hello”. Whenever the user says “Hello” or “Hi” or any related welcome message, the “Hello” intent is triggered. All of your defined intents can be found on the menu at the left. An entity is a property or behavior that can be used by intents to recognize certain information such as location, date, time or any custom defined properties. Dialogflow provides a set of predefined entities such as location, date, time, currency and more which can be used right out of the box.

A context helps you keep track of the current state of the conversation. It is unique to every conversation. It lets you maintain the flow of conversation from one intent to another. You can use combinations of input and output contexts to control the conversational path the user takes through your dialog.

Trying out the default bot

When you create your agent, Google creates two intents for you. One is a welcome intent and the other is a fallback intent.

Click on the Default Welcome Intent and observe how an intent is created. You’ll notice a bunch of stuff like Contexts, Events, Training Phases, Action and Parameters, Responses and Fulfillment. For this tutorial, we won’t be using any contexts. Events are invoked when your bot is deployed of Google Assistant. Training Phases and the those sentences that you want your bot (in the context of this intent) to be trained on. Responses are different replies that your bot should reply with when the intent is invoked or the user sends a query related to the Training Phases. We’ll talk about Actions and Parameters, Fulfillment in another article. For now, understand that your bot’s single conversation will consist of all these components.

On the right side of Dialogflow, you’ll notice a console that lets you test your bot for a single conversation. Go ahead and send a ‘Hi’ to it and see the response you get.

You can see that sending a “hi” triggered the ‘Default Welcome Intent’ and also gave the reply that was specified in the response section. So that was just the default bot you just tested!

Building your first bot

In this tutorial, we’ll build a simple bot that gives users information about our company RubyKraft. To get started, create an agent (or use the one we created is the previous section). Since RubyKraft is a custom word, it becomes an entity. We’ll create an Entity called ‘rubykraft’ and then give synonyms like rubykraft, ruby kraft, company and more. This helps dialogflow pick up some information from a conversation. Don’t forget to save the entity.

We’ll create a new intent and call it “rubykraft.introduction”. The user is expected to ask about rubykraft, once the reply is given to them, the conversation has to be moved on and the user is expected to ask about services.Add an output context and call it “rubykraft-services”. In the training phrases section, write phrases that the user is expected to input like ‘tell me something about rubykraft’.

Notice how dialogflow is smart enough to recognize information from your phrase and highlight your entity. This is where you can see the power of dialogflow. This entity can be anything and was pre-defined. Now add some responses as shown.

Again, save the intent by click the save button at the top. Do not forget this as dialogflow will not keep copies of your intents.

In the next conversation, the user is expected to ask about services. So, we’ll create an entity called ‘services’ and provided synonyms.

Now we’ll create an intent and call it ‘’. Here we have to give the input context as ‘rubykraft-services’ (recall that this was the output context of the previous conversation). Here we expect the user to ask about services provided by rubykraft.

Go ahead and add responses as you like.

Finally save the intent.

Testing the bot on Demo UI

Once you are done following the steps above, in the left menu, click on Integrations. Here you can see all the different services your bot can be deployed on. For our Demo purpose, turn on the “Web Demo” button.

n the prompt provided to you, edit the URL however you like and you are good to go! Now visit the URL (in our case it is Go ahead and run your query on the demo chat UI provided!

Our bot is working as expected! How exciting isn’t it? Feel free to explore.

Are you an enterprise or small business looking for high quality chatbots? Contact us at now! We at RubyKraft have mastered the art of maintaining creativity and sophistication yet meeting all our professional standards while we relay our services to you. Learn more about us here:

Template Incorporation

Real world web applications should have interactive user interface(UI), responsiveness and user friendly feature. Essentially, a website template gives designers relatively easy ways to plug content into a sophisticated framework built through classic Web languages such as HTML and CSS. A website template may include carefully laid out titles, square or round images, background banners, stripes and other layout features, as well as styled and laid out typography. Designers can take advantage of these templates and simply swap in their own data and images to get a very elaborate Web style without writing any codes themselves.

Let us try to create a dual template integration for an rails application. For this let us use ADMINLTE 3 template for admin part and DRIMO template for website part of application. These templates is available for free. Since there are many ways to integrate the template, to achieve this we have used one of the method discussed below and finally admin panel will look like this.

Website panel

Let us start with Admin Panel

Step 1: Lets create a new rails application with name “TemplateIncorporation”

Step 2: First insert required css and js files in vendor folder by creating a folder name called admin which will have folder structure like

And mention the folder path from which we are going to fetch css and js files in assets.rb.


When a file is referenced from a manifest or a helper, Sprockets searches the three default asset locations for it. The default locations are: the images, javascripts and stylesheets directories under the app/assets folder, but these subdirectories are not special – any path under assets/* will be searched.Besides the standard assets/* paths, additional (fully qualified) paths can be added to the pipeline in config/initializers/assets.rb like

Step 3: In application.css and application.jsfiles add files like

In app/assets/application.css

In app/assets/application.js

Here in the above mentioned code we used require which will call the file located in that particular path for our application and also we didn’t mention .css or .js of that particular file because the content is written in master file(i.e., application.css or application.js) for all css and js files respectively.

Step 4: Partial file will start with a syntax of underscore(_) followed by the name, and render this partial files in layout file.

Step 5: Add required partials in app/views/layouts/application.html.erb and then the application.html.erb looks like

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <%= csrf_meta_tags %>
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'application', media: 'all', 'data- 
     turbolinks-track': 'reload' %>
    <link rel="stylesheet"
    <link rel="stylesheet" 
    <link href=" 
     family=Source+Sans+Pro:300,400,400i,700" rel="stylesheet">
<body class="hold-transition sidebar-mini">
  <div class="wrapper">
    <%= render 'layouts/partials/top_header_nav' %>
      <%= render 'layouts/partials/top_side_nav' %>
	<div class="content-wrapper">
          <section class="content-header">
            <div class="container-fluid">
	      <div class="row mb-2">
		 <div class="col-sm-6">
		   <h1>Blank Page</h1>
		 <div class="col-sm-6">
		   <ol class="breadcrumb float-sm-right">
		     <li class="breadcrumb-item">
                       <a href="#">Home</a></li>
		     <li class="breadcrumb-item active">Blank 
	      <section class="content">
		<div class="card">
	         <div class="card-body">
    		  <%= yield %>
	    <%= render 'layouts/partials/footer' %>
      <%= javascript_include_tag 'application', 'data-turbolinks- 
     track': 'reload' %>

Now the admin panel part is completed in template incorporation now lets go to website part of template incorporation in application.

Step 5: To view our template in browser we need to have view page for that let us create a controller named as dashboards_controller.rb and create index page in views of dashboards. So by typing /dashboards in url we can go to admin part of application.

Step 6: Here I’m using DRIMO template for website part of application, so lets insert required css and js files in vendor folder by creating a folder name called website. In that website folder lets copy the required folders css and js files to run website part.

Step 7: To have two different templates integrated in our application then we need to have two layout files. So lets create a new layout file in app/views/layouts with a name called website.html.erb

Step 8: Add website.css in app/assets/stylesheets and website.js in app/assets/javascripts and add required files.

In app/assets/website.css

In app/assets/website.js

Step 9: Since we created custom layout and custom css, js files so we need to add them in config/initializers/assets.rb like

Step 10: Add required partials in app/views/layouts/website.html.erb and then the website.html.erb looks like

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <%= csrf_meta_tags %>
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'website', media: 'all' %>
 <body data-spy="scroll" data-target="#bs-example-navbar-collapse-1" data-offset="120">
  <div id="preloader">
    <div id="preloader_spinner">
      <div class="pre_inner">
	<div class="dot dot-1"></div>
	<div class="dot dot-2"></div>
	<div class="dot dot-3"></div>
   <%= render 'layouts/partials/website_header_nav' %>
    <%= yield %>
     <%= javascript_include_tag 'website' %>

Step 11: To view our template in browser we need to have view page for that let us create a controller named as website_controller.rb and create index page in views of website. Since we integrated two templates in two layouts of our application we need to specify which layout we are going to use for particular pages of application. That can be achieved by giving “ layout ‘website’ ” in controller. Since i created a layout with a name “website.html.erb” i have used word layout ‘website’.

Step 12: To run images in production we need to write the code like image_path followed by path in which the image exists. For example <img src=”<%= image_path ‘img/mockup-img/m-image-1.png’ %>” alt=””>

To run font in production we need to modify the code by giving code like asset-url followed by path in which folder the font exists. For example asset-url(‘website/vendors/icofont/fonts/icofont.ttf?v=1.0.0-beta’) format(‘truetype’)

Conclusion: Integrating template is easy if we do the work perfectly with concentration. Hope everyone will enjoy integrating template in application. Checkout the live app demo here and the source code here.

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